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His alibi seemed cast-iron.

Polly is waiting downstairs.

I don't think Ramiro will do that.

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I didn't even know your name.

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One of my hobbies is making artificial flowers.

He turns off the lights so as not to waste electricity.

I bought a dictionary the other day.


I'm finished talking to you.


She's not yet heard the news.

I love you the best of all.

Nicholas is a conman.

I am not a man!

He never borrows nor lends things.

Poverty is not a vice, that's a true saying. Yet I know too that drunkenness is not a virtue, and that that's even truer. But beggary, honoured sir, beggary is a vice.

I do business here.

Do I have to talk to her?

Could you please show me a camera that's cheaper than this one?


A judge has to obey the law, not the king.

I asked him to stop.

I continued to work all morning.

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You don't have to do that right now.

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It's getting ugly.


This is a useful book and, what is more, it is not expensive.

He caught sight of a ship in the distance.

I'll pray for Uri.

Let's get that one.

Where did you pluck them?

I don't want any more trouble with Duane.

I know more or less about the rules of this game.

He's always at home on Sundays.

It is illegal to park a car there.


Lila ought to do something for Edmund.

Come downstairs right this minute.

I'm sure King will think that's a good idea.

I wanted you to be proud of me.

He has a bad heart.

She's Argentinian.

I'll find out who he is.

May I begin to eat?

Now that we have eaten, let's go.

I ate some potato chips.

I'm not intimidated.

He came to the party last night with Jane.

The library has various new acquisitions.

Don't look down on the poor.

I've always wanted to learn how to play the mandolin.

Did you like me?

It was just an example.

Do you buy that explanation?

Just tell us what you want.

I am a member of the tennis club.

Are you single?


You didn't tell me Rusty was busy.


That pigeon flew from San Francisco to New York.

After dinner, we played cards till eleven.

Agatha and Terri were present.


Jeanne had forgotten it.

He ran as a candidate, independent of any party.

How silly of you!


The socks and slippers are new.


How fast that horse runs!

I met him after work.

Sledding is very easy. All you have to do is sit down tight and let it slide.

Anderson rejected the demand.

I never expected to see you again.

Would you sing us a song in French?

He kept me waiting for more than an hour.

Why don't you tell me what you want?

Let's try and find a cure.

No, it can't be! He can't be dead!

I didn't understand half of what Simon was saying.

Why don't you tell me about Sonny?

Surgery was required.

What is her profession?

I don't hate you.

Sunil decided to go with us.

When you come to Hawaii, I'll show you around.

You shouldn't eat garlic before going out on a date.

They trusted her.


He offered ten dollars for our old radio.

What kind of questions will they ask?

I saw Jarl standing near the exit.


You made a list, didn't you?

I felt something move in the house.

I'm pretty sure Kathleen doesn't know what he's doing.

He is rich enough to buy a foreign car.

I met up with a couple of good old friends.


Sanand can't wait to get started.


Jack looked towards the camera.


My computer stopped working a few days ago.


The doctors told Edgar that Van was never going to recover.


Kyung still uses dial-up Internet.

We went to big lake for picnic.

Raw fish is not to my taste.

It's a waste of time to try to convince Orville.

In my eyes, he is wrong.

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Let's try a different approach.


The teacher didn't keep her word.


I need to say something.


Has she come?

I'm not used to drinking water from the tap.

I saw Jess's name on the list.


This is the ideology to which my speech is written.

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Do not leave the lights on when you leave the room.


I concurred in giving up my vacation for my family.

What subject are you poor at?

I knew someone like you once.

I've been asked to become the manager.

What is the capital of Hungary?


When I passed by in car, I caught a glimpse of the house of a famous actress.

It was dark and cold in the room.

He wants to get rid of his books.

At the age of sixty, he retired.

Oxygen Mask: If extra oxygen masks are needed, the masks will arrive automatically. Pull down the mask and put it over your mouth and nose. Fasten the strap around your head and breathe normally. Put on your own mask before assisting others.

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Dan was also arrested.

I wonder why Dick wants to buy one of those.

The saying that beauty is but skin deep is but a skin-deep saying.

Good language is that which manages to express a thought more clearly than how it was thought.

The soup is bubbling in the pot.

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Juliane works in a bank.


Nhan isn't sure.

I'm going to teach you how to fish next Sunday.

Floyd didn't say what else might be in it.


Please return the book by tomorrow.

I don't like working at the bank.

What is the departure time?

He left his books all around the house.

We all liked you.

Becky doesn't want to hear about it.

Why won't you tell me what you want?

The victory is ours.

I was appointed to section chief.


It's an impossible situation.

Robin is creative, isn't he?

He is old enough to drink.

Do not fuck!

Gary got very angry.

There was no bathroom.

You might find Evan in the library, but I doubt it.

Please get into the bath.

Don't tell Martha the answer.

Raghu was John's girlfriend all through high school.

It's a great honor to finally meet you.

The curfew is at 10 pm.

My father promised himself that he'd hang up his boots at sixty.


She dyed her hair pink.

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I guess we're both going to die.

Do you still have a key?

She turned up just as we were starting our meal.

I was interested in seeing the city.

I wanted to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

Lord can't bring himself to look at Lorraine.

We want it.

Tickets are more expensive this year.

Either of the students may fail the exam.

I can't predict the future.

Christina became a member of this club three years ago.

Hein must've drugged me.

He gave me a piece of friendly advice.

I have a new book I'm working on.

I bought a new bag.

We should go out sometime.

Something's wrong.